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For us, the term ‘Rites of Passage’ represents a journey anyone can experience

that causes them to reflect on where they were, where they are and where they want to be and what they have to do in order to achieve their intentions.

No matter who we are engaging with, or what setting we are working in, we ensure that our creativity and its methodology not only connects with the people but with what our name means.

Young people at risk of offending

Young people and Adults within the Criminal justice system

The Community

Secondary and higher education

The Religious sector

The ‘ROP’ Mission

Our mission is to always creatively explore the beauty and complexities of humanity and change through the power of Drama, Theatre and Film.


The ‘ROP’ Vision

It is our vision that (ROPP) will be at the fore front of contributions made towards the expansion of Independent Creative organisations and to be recognised as a leading Global entity that positively impacts Social change through Drama, Theatre and Film.




Dedicated, honest, courageous, disciplined & resilient


Reflective of our community and representing our community


Always listening and paying close attention to people’s needs


Nurturing creativity, encouraging fresh concepts and being open to new directions


Never look down on someone unless we're helping them up




(ROPP) was founded and is headed by creative artists and married couple Daniel & Husnaa Anderson..

as a critical response to their observations and experiences of; social exclusion and decay, broken relationships, academic underachievement, criminality amongst BAME groups, ignorance surrounding Mental health and feelings of disempowerment within their community in Birmingham. The deciding factor that urged the power couple to take action was them noticing a lack of high quality drama initiatives and theatre and film production outlets that could truthfully represent and explore the key issues mentioned above in a unique and creative way.

Between them they have over 38 years’ experience of working as creative practitioners within professional theatre, TV, film and radio. Throughout their careers they have also had the opportunity to work with the BBC, ITV and Channel 4 on numerous occasions, equipping them both with the gravitas needed when dealing holistically with the creative arts and its role to play in society.


They both strongly believe that Drama, Theatre and Film has the capacity to bring people together and change lives for the better. They’re love for the arts united them and impacts them individually to always stay true to “self” no matter what.

Daniel Anderson

Co-founder & CEO of ROPP

Daniel Anderson is an Actor, writer, an award-winning filmmaker, a producer, a skilled workshop facilitator and a Motivational speaker. Born in Birmingham, UK, he remembers growing up struggling at school and rebelling against the principles his parents brought him up on. However, this didn’t stop him from changing his mindset and going for his dreams.


He studied at the Birmingham School of Acting gaining his degree. He also studied a master’s degree at Plymouth University in ‘Contemporary film Practice’ and received a post graduate certificate in ‘Communities, engagement and enterprise’ from Brighton University.


He writes for theatre and film and has an ongoing extensive CV for his work on stage and in Film. His debut film, the Docu-Drama ‘INSIDEOUT’ received national acclaim and picked up the Best festival film at the 2014 ‘Black International Film festival’. Followed by his 2016 Short film ‘FROM NOYA’ which received multiple nominations and awards internationally.


Daniel is an extremely passionate artist who brings everything to anything he does and is able to empower and motivate those who he comes into contact with especially young men, with messages of determination, belief, hard work and choice. Daniel is excited about the future and believes that 2018 and beyond is going to be a positive journey for (ROPP) and all its collaborators and clients.




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Husnaa Anderson

Co-founder & CEO of ROPP

Husnaa Anderson is an award-winning Actress, a presenter, a producer, a trained teacher, a skilled workshop facilitator and a Motivational speaker. Born in London, UK, Husnaa remembers moving to Birmingham at 8 years old, struggling academically and feeling the effects of a broken home. However, this didn’t stop Husnaa from overcoming serious obstacles and turning things around.


She went on to study performing arts in Coventry. She studied ‘Media Communications’ at Aberystwyth University and Birmingham City University and gained her degree. She then went on to receive her Post Graduate Certificate in Education and has had positive impacts on some of Birmingham’s most challenging young people through working at educational alternatives.


She presented the award winning 2014 Docu-Drama ‘INSIDE OUT’ and won Best Actress for her honest and powerful portrayal of Noya in the 2016 award winning Short film ‘FROM NOYA’. Husnaa is a unique talent who pays very close attention to detail in everything she does. Her work with young Women is honest and passionate and comes from a place of truth and experience that instantly connects and motivates them with messages of Love, strength, hope and resilience.


Husnaa believes that 2018 and beyond promises to be a journey of discovery and like-minded connection.

If you would like to book Husnaa as a speaker for an event

please email us with the title, Husnaa’s Motivation or contact us online


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